New Design Vision for Exchange Quay

A design Q&A with Jasper Sanders, Founder | Director, Jasper Sanders + Partners

Please give us some context around how this project has come about.

Manchester’s Exchange Quay is a unique workplace destination set in an open landscaped campus. It is characterised and well-known for its majestic, reflective architecture, planned with human scaled spaces between each of these forms, allowing sunlight views and vistas throughout the site.

Over the past decade, the campus has been defined by its striking orange totems, serving as both navigational aids and identity markers. The wayfinding is expressed as orange totems that are a bold architectural statement. These totems have played a crucial role in shaping Exchange Quay’s character and facilitating easy navigation throughout the site.

Vision for the redesign

With the culture of Exchange Quay now well established it was felt time to update, refurbish and re-invent the totems at Manchester’s best office campus.

Jasper Sanders + Partners envisions a redesign that celebrates the campus’s vibrant community and business. Each totem into a unique sculptural piece, representing the individual character of the buildings they address.

Through a dynamic use of colour, the totems will evoke a sense of intrigue and discovery, inviting visitors to explore and engage with their surroundings in new ways.

Integration into the Landscape

The redesigned totems will interact with the landscape in a visually captivating manner, creating ever-changing perspectives for viewers. Whether observed from different angles or heights, the totems’ multifaceted colours will continuously shift and blend, offering moments of tranquillity and reflection. Additionally, the use of distinct colour palettes will aid in accessibility for visually impaired individuals, enhancing the inclusivity of the campus environment.

Additional Benefits

Beyond aesthetic enhancements, the redesign project aims to promote health and wellbeing within the workplace. Existing smoking shelters will be repurposed into open-air collaborative spaces, fostering social interactions and creativity. Furthermore, the introduction of diverse plant species on the shelter roofs will contribute to biodiversity efforts, enhancing the overall ecological balance of the campus.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

In line with the client’s commitment to sustainability, outdated lighting fixtures will be replaced with energy-efficient alternatives. The new lighting will not only reduce energy consumption but also prioritise the wellbeing of wildlife inhabiting the campus landscape.

Written by:
Jasper Sanders, Founder | Director, Jasper Sanders + Partners