Environmental sustainability – a core value, not just a buzzword

There is growing attention on sustainability among businesses looking at how to make a positive contribution to the environment.   From reducing waste and conserving energy to embracing eco-friendly practices, the concept of sustainability has become a hot topic with organisations strongly considering their environmental input.

At Exchange Quay we are a unique office campus and with more than 4,000 workers on site, sustainability is a core value, not just a buzzword.  We recognise that our actions have an impact on the environment and that’s why we focus on ways in which we can operate in harmony with our planet by implementing green initiatives from diverting waste from landfill and recycling waste to sending waste for energy recovery.

Waste is an important pillar in a business’s environmental profile with ambitions to operate zero waste policies   We recycle 59% of waste with 38% sent to energy recovery, creating 172,288kWh of electricity.  Amazingly, this is enough energy to power an average family car to drive for 827,597 miles!   

In our recent Environmental Report our green actions showed that in just one year we could power 375 televisions; 135 fridge freezers, 100,741 driving miles in a family electric car and run 21,805 washing machine cycles.  100% of our electricity is supplied from renewable sources and by buying 100% REGO backed renewable energy 1060.73t of CO2 are avoided from operations.

Over this last year alone, we have diverted more than 59,500 kg of mixed municipal waste material with 17,877.75kg being recycled and almost 42,000 kg sent for energy recovery at either a food waste facility or a waste-to-energy Refuse Derived Fuel facility from non-recyclable general waste.

One of our latest initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint is to plant a new herb garden on site which will enable our campus restaurant to have ready access to fresh and seasonal herbs for use within their menus.  It’s a more sustainable choice for us.

These initiatives are our way of moving towards a greener, more sustainable world and we will continue to lead by example with a determination to minimise negative effects, whilst maximising positive contributions. 

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