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Meet Your #EQManchester Team: Sadie O’Toole

As we look forward to welcoming you back to Exchange Quay, we wanted to take a moment to speak with our wonderful team and let you get to know them a little better…

What is your role at Exchange Quay?

SO: Assistant Building Manager

Tell us a bit more about your day job

SO: My role is to assist the Estates Manager (Paula) in making sure the site is a clean, safe and enjoyable place to work. I liaise with contractors to book in planned maintenance works on site, answer customer queries and make sure the we are up to date on the statutory compliance, to name a few.

What do you think makes a good working environment? What are the key components?

SO: I believe that everyone has different opinions on what makes their working environment a good working environment. I believe that a workspace should be positive, somewhere you feel that you can approach others for help when needed. If the environment you are working in is positive, I feel I am more inclined to be happy and therefore more productive.

What makes Exchange Quay stand out as a great place to work?

SO: The community feel! I find that it’s nice to get out and about on the Estate and when I do, there’s always somebody to let onto or say hello to, whether this is going into the building and speaking to the front of house concierge, or popping into the Café on the Quay for some lunch.

What up and coming plans/initiatives for the EQ office campus are you most excited about?

SO: EV pods! I have been thinking for some time if I should ‘go green’ and get an electric car. With the ability to charge my car right on the doorstep of the office is a fantastic amenity knowing that my car will be safe and secure while it charges.

Tell us something about Exchange Quay that people may not know

SO: Exchange Quay has its very own tram stop which was built in 1999

Quick fire questions….

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing is that every day is different, one day I could be catching up on my filing, and the next getting involved in an event on site.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester?

Everything you need is right on your doorstep, Shopping – check! Days out – check! Nightlife – check! Giant bees – check!

What’s the best thing about Exchange Quay?

The community

Meet Your #EQManchester Team: Paula Tidmarsh

As we look forward to welcoming you back to Exchange Quay, we wanted to take a moment to speak with our wonderful team and let you get to know them a little better…

What is your role at Exchange Quay?

PT: Estates Manager

Tell us a bit more about your day job

PT: My role is to ensure that the customer experience at Exchange Quay is enjoyable and that all the facilities are available. I manage all the personnel on Exchange Quay that you may or may not see, these guys ensure that your facilities are clean, that the heating and cooling within your office is running smoothly and that the external areas are kept in an excellent condition – we obviously do a lot more, but the above is only a small sample of what we do. We work behind the scenes to ensure that the day to day experience of all our customers is pleasant and hassle free.

What do you think makes a good working environment? What are the key components?

PT: Communication, and that customers know that we have an open-door policy if they have any queries. We work in partnership with all our customers and contractors, it is a cliché, but we are a happy family on Exchange Quay, whereby everyone understands what everyone does and who to turn to when tasks need to be completed.

What makes Exchange Quay stand out as a great place to work?

PT: Everyone who works on Exchange Quay! When it is a sunny day and you take a walk around site, you see people talking, sitting on the benches, chairs and grass enjoying the sunshine, it is a really great place to work. With all the amenities we currently have on site, we can accommodate virtually all requirements. People talk to each other when you walk past, which is brilliant.

What up and coming plans/initiatives for the EQ office campus are you most excited about?

PT: We have work perks, which we receive on a regular basis, these are free items, which are distributed, they are a great treat. We are also installing a Beehive; these are just a couple of great things coming to site.

Tell us something about Exchange Quay that people may not know

PT: Number 8 was originally called the World Trade Centre. Due to the tragic events at the World Trade Centre in NYC, the name was removed from the building and it became Number 8.

Quick fire questions….

What’s your favourite thing about your job? The people I work with.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester? The buzz about the place.

What’s the best thing about Exchange Quay? The environment and especially the team I work with


Leading North West coffee shop chain, Bean Coffee, has agreed terms to open a new outlet at Exchange Quay, one of Manchester’s largest office campuses.


Liverpool-based Bean Coffee has signed a 5 year contract to operate its new outlet within the ICE building at Exchange Quay. Fit-out works are now underway with Bean set to open in September 2020.

The ICE building was designed to support a cohesive, collaborative office community and incorporates circa 26,000 sq ft of contemporary Grade A office accommodation together with the café bar, business lounge and communal meeting space. Office occupiers have been quick to secure space within ICE, with Riverview Law, Leaders Romans, Philips Trust Corporation, TTI Inc and 11 Degrees in occupation leaving just 40% available to lease.


The introduction of Bean as operator of the café bar space continues the drive by Ekistics and Investment Manager Till AM to deliver the best occupier experience in Manchester through further enhancing the wide range of amenities at the 435,000 sq ft waterside campus.


The outlet will be Bean’s 17th coffee shop in the North West, continuing the firm’s expansion. Bean at Exchange Quay will serve speciality coffee, roasted by them, as well as hot and cold food throughout the week and run as a bar on Thursday and Friday evenings.


Les Lang, Director at Till Asset Management, said;

“We are delighted to have Bean Coffee on board at Exchange Quay. Their passion, drive and enthusiasm will bring a welcome energy to the ICE building and will provide a fantastic new amenity for our dedicated occupier base to enjoy.”

Jon Whyte, Managing Director at Bean Coffee, said;

“Exchange Quay is a great business community.  We’re very excited about opening and looking forward meeting our new customers.”


Exchange Quay is one of the largest office developments in the North West, accommodating over 4,000 people.  Located approximately 1.5 miles to the southwest of Manchester City Centre the scheme boasts its own dedicated Metrolink tram stop and is strategically located just off Trafford Road which links Salford Quays to both Manchester City Centre and the regional motorway network.

EQ Blog – David Gabbie, joint CEO, Beauty Bay

Hear from David Gabbie, joint CEO of Beauty Bay, who have been tenants at Exchange Quay since 2015.

—– —–

Exchange Quay – Blog
David Gabbie, joint CEO, Beauty Bay

Why did you decide to move to Exchange Quay in 2015?

“We needed a bigger premises due to the growth of our business and EQ was an easy choice for us. It’s a great location, has superb facilities and is easy to get to.”

How has your business grown/evolved in the last 5 years?

“We’re evolving all the time. We like to say the only constant is change and that’s what keeps us busy. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly as we’re constantly iterating our proposition over time”

How many staff work at Exchange Quay and what do they enjoy about being based at the campus?

“We have just over 100 staff based at EQ. The facilities on site are fantastic and there is lots to walk to nearby. EQ also arrange lots of other extra activities including BBQs in the Summer, Wreath Making at Christmas and their pop up Pick n Mix always go down well with our team!”

Why does the location work for you?

“Location wise it’s great, we are right on the tramline which really helps the members of our team who get public transport and you are missing the city centre traffic.”

What do you attribute your company success to?

“Hard work and determination are massive factors but we have an amazing team of people, we have actually just celebrated our 20th birthday.”

What are your plans for Beauty Bay for the year ahead?

“Obviously these are strange times but we have tried to remain resilient and we want to take this energy into the coming year and just keep going. We have some exciting launches coming later this year so keep your eyes peeled.”

What are you most proud of with the business?

“How the business has adapted over time and what we’ve achieved from a bootstrapped start-up. There’s still a long way to go though and we tend to look forward not back”

What is your favourite thing about working in Manchester?

“Being born and bred in Manchester it feels really special that we are a Manchester based business. We can hop on the tram from our offices and be in the city centre within 10 mins (also as a Man Utd the views we have from our Board room of Old Trafford are second to none!)”



EQ Blog – Dominic Pozzoni, Director at Colliers International

Hear from Dominic Pozzoni, Director at Colliers International, joint property agent at Exchange Quay, on the importance of wellbeing in the workplace to make sure employees are happy, well and motivated.

Dominic Pozzoni, Director at Colliers International

—– —–


In this changing world we are navigating, we are seeing an increase in employers encouraging employees to consider all types of transport, as we gear up to get back to work. As a result, accessibility by bicycle and the provision of cycling hubs is high on the tick list of companies when seeking new office space.

We’ve seen people adapting to the pandemic by getting on their bikes daily and enjoying the benefits that cycling has on their mental and physical wellbeing. As cycle sales soar, now more than ever, workers will seek employers offering healthier workspace benefits and facilities with a good cycling hub being an increasingly important factor.

At Exchange Quay, Manchester we are in a unique position in that our occupiers have all modes of transport available to help them get to and from work by driving, Metrolink travel, walking or cycling, combined with a whole raft of amenities designed to promote employee happiness and wellness as well as first class accessibility – from the development’s dedicated Metrolink and 1,850 car parking spaces to waterside walking and cycling routes; secure cycle storage, changing and shower facilities and even a bike doctor!

This isn’t the only wellness focus for occupiers.  With the return to work, the office will play an even more crucial role in being a space to collaborate.  As organisations look at how the office space functions, more emphasis will be placed on space that allows people to collaborate, exchange ideas, share knowledge and work together.

We spend around a third of our lives in the office environment so corporates looking to attract and retain the best talent want more than just four physical walls – they want well designed space, the best working environment that empowers people and promotes essential health and wellbeing, as well as being highly accessible.

Exchange Quay has created a cohesive, collaborative community for occupiers to enjoy in a campus style environment on a waterside setting with landscaped gardens, outdoor space and a raft of amenities including a gym, yoga sessions, a restaurant, café, bar, post office, convenience store and nursery.  All this is combined with a pro-active on site management and tenancy engagement programme that ultimately helps to enhance productivity and the health and wellbeing for those working there.

It is also well placed to access a vast catchment of talent with established routes connecting to South Manchester and being on the doorstep of the city centre.

While office trends continue to evolve, one thing that does not change is the impact that the office environment from the inside out has on employee health and wellbeing to make sure they are happy, well and motivated in their workspace and surrounding areas.

EQ Meet the Team – Site Tour with our joint agents

Hear from our joint agents at Exchange Quay as they take you on a site tour showcasing the range of benefits and features available to occupiers.

—– —–

Exchange Quay – Meet the Team Series
Dominic Pozzoni, Colliers International and James Dickinson, Canning O’Neil



EQ Meet the Team – Les Lang, Till Asset Management

Hear from Les Lang, Director at Till Asset Management who are Investment Managers at Exchange Quay.

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Exchange Quay – Meet the Team Series
Les Lang, Till Asset Management, June 2020

As Investment Manager for EQ, what is your big vision for the development?

As Investment Manager I am charged with increasing the value of the estate. Since taking over in September last year I have been blown away by the quality of the offer here. In order to build the value of the estate we need to create an environment which helps the tenants based here to be profitable. Businesses’ biggest cost and most precious asset is their staff and the ingredients are here at EQ for this to be the best place in Manchester to work.

There are some areas where the estate can be made even better and that has been our vision since we arrived in September. These improvements require investment and we are continuing to invest despite the difficulties everyone is facing in the current climate.

What up and coming plans/initiatives for the EQ office campus are you most excited about?

When people return to their offices we will have refurbished the reception in Building 8, creating a more modern and user friendly space. We will have also installed twenty electric car charging pods in Multi Storey Car Park 1.  These are real changes with contractors on site now. We have a range of equally significant initiatives but prefer to let people know about them when we have definitive dates when they will be delivered.

Why did you relocate Till AM to EQ?

There are a whole host of reasons but having been here for six months, this is the best place I have ever worked.

What makes EQ stand out from other office Campuses?

There are two main things, accessibility and amenity.

I have worked in many places which have had good road access and parking, others with good public transport and others with cycling and walking facilities and routes. EQ has all three – remarkable!

The amenities are excellent and we are planning to build further on these. Restaurants, a shop, a Post Office, ATM, Nursery, Bike Hub, Gym and our events like pilates, yoga event and the Christmas reindeer make the offices into a place. Add onto these the views, the quality of the buildings and the management team who work here, the fact that it is so safe all combine to make this a great campus.


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Every day is different.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester?

People have a can do attitude (and EQ)

What’s the best thing about EQ?

The whole package. We have just done a series; our 30 favourite things about EQ. There aren’t many places you can have 30 favourite things about.


EQ Blog – James Dickinson, Director at Canning O’Neill

Hear from James Dickinson is Director at Canning O’Neill, joint property agent at Exchange Quay, on finding the right office accommodation to suit the needs of smaller businesses.

—– —–

Exchange Quay – Breaking the ICE with smaller businesses in mind

Finding the right office accommodation to suit the needs of smaller businesses, whether looking for space to grow or just starting out can be a daunting task.  At Exchange Quay, we are breaking the ICE with smaller businesses in mind.

Our 26,000 sq ft of Grade A refurbished offices and café lounge bar at ICE was introduced last year to boost our existing occupier offer and to create a more collaborative corporate community.  We are now splitting the building into smaller office suites which is adding appeal to SMEs and start-ups.

So what do smaller businesses and new enterprises want from their office space?  Isn’t it the same as more established companies, to be seen in the right location, in an environment that presents a professional image in a corporate setting and to impress customers and visitors alike?   Is it scope and space to grow, as well as an inspiring working environment that attracts and retains the best talent pool?  We think it’s all of these things and more.












Our ICE building redesign was developed to create a more coherent family of buildings with dedicated social meeting and bar space; bookable meeting rooms, a co-working zone and five upper storeys of top quality lettable office space.  By splitting up the space into smaller accommodation, we want to back enterprise by appealing to a diverse range of small and growing businesses to our people-focussed and progressive development.

Ultimately SMEs want a base that their employees look forward to working in and are proud of with a range of places to meet both professionally and socially.  They want to work somewhere that is accessible and has a wealth of amenities and facilities with good connectivity, great technology and offers the right health and wellbeing attributes – space they can make their own.

Exchange Quay has fast become one of Manchester’s premier business locations and is great for tenants and potential occupiers looking for Grade A corporate offices combined with co-working space; experiential uses, space for future expansion; a 3000 strong community of engaged tenants; hospitality services; top connectivity and building sustainability all under one roof in an unrivalled waterside location.

Values in the workplace are changing, which in turn means that what occupiers want from an office building is also evolving.  A successful working environment must cater for a fully diverse workforce with the employee work-life and wellbeing experience becoming pivotal to finding and keeping great people.

Exchange Quay supports its tenant base on how they choose to work and provides a haven to come together – to work, meet, talk, network, present, eat, shop, drink, relax, entertain and socialise at ICE.

EQ Meet the Team – Jasper Sanders, Designer

Hear from Jasper Sanders at Jasper Sanders & Partners on their approach to designing the new reception in Building 8 at Exchange Quay.

—– —–

Exchange Quay – Meet the Team Series
Jasper Sanders, Designer, May 2020

Tell us about your day job

I run a Design and Architecture studio in Manchester. We’re a group of people who take on special projects where we think we can make a difference. We hope to help organisations become more prosperous by reinventing spaces to become better for the people who use them. We aim to create the very best design that’s innovative, beautiful, unique and long-lasting.

 What have you been tasked with doing at Exchange Quay?

We’ve been tasked with creating a series of entrance spaces that welcome people to Exchange Quay. We wish to create a great sense of pride and build upon the best attributes of the site. There’s a need to create spaces that have a strong sense of purpose and celebrate the unique qualities of Exchange Quay. Building 8 has an open generous entrance space where there’s the opportunity to create a vibrant and rich experience for the building users.

 Talk us through your concept for the new reception

The design aims to create a new and fresh interior that feels like a natural part of the building architecture and is impressive but not self-conscious.

The buildings built in the 1980s were inspired by the canal systems close by and so we’re aiming to put the maritime spirit back at the heart of the design.

Why is reception space so important?

It’s a big space, for a big building on a large workplace campus, close to the city. It’s a welcome point for visitors and needs to be business-like.

It must work as a whole and perform for the occupiers, and the staff who work there. It must deliver something positive for those businesses. It needs to look good but importantly needs to work well.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We’re inspired every day in the belief we can make life better. We like to improve how things work for people and know that what is good for people will be great for business and will have a low impact on the planet.

In terms of inspiration for what it looks like – At Exchange Quay we’re inspired to reinvent these spaces to echo the spirit of the original – to bring the outside in and complete the story of the place. This is an honest way to create the design…not needing to look outside of this or make something that feels like lots of other places, but be honest to its core identity.

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve been given or would want to pass on?

Design is about problem-solving so spend time understanding what it is that needs resolving – it’s too easy to race to the next glamourous, luxurious or fashionable solution. I’m sure a post-virus world will not tolerate this indulgent approach any longer.

Quick fire:

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love working with my team.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester?

Its endeavour to love life.

What’s the best thing about Exchange Quay?

That it’s being run by a superlative management team, led by Les Lang and Liam MacCarthy.