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Exchange Quay – A sense of place, biodiversity and community key to leaving remote working behind?


September 2021 – As the evolution of the workplace has been greatly accelerated during the extended WFH experience due to the pandemic, it’s never been more important to improve and expand the amenities offered and develop greater community spirit to help workers transition back into the office environment.

That’s why at Exchange Quay, where we welcome more than 4,000 workers every day, we continue to invest in the office experience and environment, making it a great place to work and socialise with colleagues.

Our flagship campus now enjoys an expanded site-wide amenity offer with the launch of a new look restaurant, a raft of new events for occupiers, as well as health and wellbeing initiatives and we also welcome 40,000 buzzing new tenants as part of our new biodiversity improvement initiative.

All this is designed to enhance the office working experience and environment, boost productivity, retain and attract talented people for our business tenants and drive engagement, as well as boost community spirit – key to encouraging people to return to office life.

Having more great places to enjoy lunch with colleagues, a business meeting, break out get togethers over a coffee or to socialise after work is what many of us have missed with remote and isolated working.  We have recently enjoyed the launch of a new restaurant – Quay Kitchen – a sub brand from the stable of our existing tenant Bean Coffee.

The new look restaurant, which is now open, includes a new outdoor area, as well as a ‘grab and go’ express lane.  It has a quality food offer with future plans to introduce more health and wellbeing products, alongside the brand’s continued sustainability commitment. Bean Coffee @ Exchange Quay also has a new ‘Ready to Go’ food offer which includes a range of Vegan products.

One of our most exciting schemes this year is to transform the business park into a haven for birds, bees and pollinators with the introduction of 40,000 new workers to Exchange Quay.  Our buzzing new tenants form part of our site-wide biodiversity scheme and our commitment to ongoing investment in sustainability – Investing in biodiversity on site will pay environmental dividends for years to come and benefit not only Exchange Quay, but the entire community of Manchester.

The project includes planting 850 bee friendly plants and wild flowers, installing homes and habitats for wild bees, an insect hotel and the introduction of managed honey bee colonies housing up to 40,000 worker bees on the rooftop (20,000 per colony).  The scheme also will plant 10 trees.

While the pandemic has seen many tenants forced to work from home, activity on site has been busier than ever.  A long term commitment to support the natural environment sees Exchange Quay at the forefront of reimagining workplaces post-Covid.  Creating a place where nature thrives is good for the planet and for the people that work on site.

Our biodiversity programme will be an integral part of future on-site engagement, giving tenants and visitors alike the chance to explore the vital contribution bees and pollinators make to the natural environment. In the near future, tenants will be offered the chance to participate in bee keeping workshops and can book a walking tour of the on-site biodiversity scheme.

The health and wellbeing of our workers is paramount and we have many new initiatives launching with a diverse range of events open to occupiers from Pilates and Yoga to HiiT classes delivered by tenant Pure Gym.  A successful events programme is already underway including Pizza on the Podium, Crazy Golf, F1 Pitstop Challenge, Bee Masterclasses and Hanging Basket tutoring with much more planned this year.  Our Winter activity programme is currently being planned and will include wreath and craft-making workshops and more fitness classes.

We are excited that our new biodiversity programme makes our office development Britain’s most pollinator friendly workplace – who wouldn’t want to return to the office where you can share this wonderful natural sanctuary with colleagues and enjoy a collaborative, cohesive community?