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Meet Your #EQManchester Team: Paula Tidmarsh

As we look forward to welcoming you back to Exchange Quay, we wanted to take a moment to speak with our wonderful team and let you get to know them a little better…

What is your role at Exchange Quay?

PT: Estates Manager

Tell us a bit more about your day job

PT: My role is to ensure that the customer experience at Exchange Quay is enjoyable and that all the facilities are available. I manage all the personnel on Exchange Quay that you may or may not see, these guys ensure that your facilities are clean, that the heating and cooling within your office is running smoothly and that the external areas are kept in an excellent condition – we obviously do a lot more, but the above is only a small sample of what we do. We work behind the scenes to ensure that the day to day experience of all our customers is pleasant and hassle free.

What do you think makes a good working environment? What are the key components?

PT: Communication, and that customers know that we have an open-door policy if they have any queries. We work in partnership with all our customers and contractors, it is a cliché, but we are a happy family on Exchange Quay, whereby everyone understands what everyone does and who to turn to when tasks need to be completed.

What makes Exchange Quay stand out as a great place to work?

PT: Everyone who works on Exchange Quay! When it is a sunny day and you take a walk around site, you see people talking, sitting on the benches, chairs and grass enjoying the sunshine, it is a really great place to work. With all the amenities we currently have on site, we can accommodate virtually all requirements. People talk to each other when you walk past, which is brilliant.

What up and coming plans/initiatives for the EQ office campus are you most excited about?

PT: We have work perks, which we receive on a regular basis, these are free items, which are distributed, they are a great treat. We are also installing a Beehive; these are just a couple of great things coming to site.

Tell us something about Exchange Quay that people may not know

PT: Number 8 was originally called the World Trade Centre. Due to the tragic events at the World Trade Centre in NYC, the name was removed from the building and it became Number 8.

Quick fire questions….

What’s your favourite thing about your job? The people I work with.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester? The buzz about the place.

What’s the best thing about Exchange Quay? The environment and especially the team I work with