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EQ Blog – Dominic Pozzoni, Director at Colliers International

Hear from Dominic Pozzoni, Director at Colliers International, joint property agent at Exchange Quay, on the importance of wellbeing in the workplace to make sure employees are happy, well and motivated.

Dominic Pozzoni, Director at Colliers International

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In this changing world we are navigating, we are seeing an increase in employers encouraging employees to consider all types of transport, as we gear up to get back to work. As a result, accessibility by bicycle and the provision of cycling hubs is high on the tick list of companies when seeking new office space.

We’ve seen people adapting to the pandemic by getting on their bikes daily and enjoying the benefits that cycling has on their mental and physical wellbeing. As cycle sales soar, now more than ever, workers will seek employers offering healthier workspace benefits and facilities with a good cycling hub being an increasingly important factor.

At Exchange Quay, Manchester we are in a unique position in that our occupiers have all modes of transport available to help them get to and from work by driving, Metrolink travel, walking or cycling, combined with a whole raft of amenities designed to promote employee happiness and wellness as well as first class accessibility – from the development’s dedicated Metrolink and 1,850 car parking spaces to waterside walking and cycling routes; secure cycle storage, changing and shower facilities and even a bike doctor!

This isn’t the only wellness focus for occupiers.  With the return to work, the office will play an even more crucial role in being a space to collaborate.  As organisations look at how the office space functions, more emphasis will be placed on space that allows people to collaborate, exchange ideas, share knowledge and work together.

We spend around a third of our lives in the office environment so corporates looking to attract and retain the best talent want more than just four physical walls – they want well designed space, the best working environment that empowers people and promotes essential health and wellbeing, as well as being highly accessible.

Exchange Quay has created a cohesive, collaborative community for occupiers to enjoy in a campus style environment on a waterside setting with landscaped gardens, outdoor space and a raft of amenities including a gym, yoga sessions, a restaurant, café, bar, post office, convenience store and nursery.  All this is combined with a pro-active on site management and tenancy engagement programme that ultimately helps to enhance productivity and the health and wellbeing for those working there.

It is also well placed to access a vast catchment of talent with established routes connecting to South Manchester and being on the doorstep of the city centre.

While office trends continue to evolve, one thing that does not change is the impact that the office environment from the inside out has on employee health and wellbeing to make sure they are happy, well and motivated in their workspace and surrounding areas.

EQ Meet the Team – Site Tour with our joint agents

Hear from our joint agents at Exchange Quay as they take you on a site tour showcasing the range of benefits and features available to occupiers.

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Exchange Quay – Meet the Team Series
Dominic Pozzoni, Colliers International and James Dickinson, Canning O’Neil



EQ Meet the Team – Les Lang, Till Asset Management

Hear from Les Lang, Director at Till Asset Management who are Investment Managers at Exchange Quay.

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Exchange Quay – Meet the Team Series
Les Lang, Till Asset Management, June 2020

As Investment Manager for EQ, what is your big vision for the development?

As Investment Manager I am charged with increasing the value of the estate. Since taking over in September last year I have been blown away by the quality of the offer here. In order to build the value of the estate we need to create an environment which helps the tenants based here to be profitable. Businesses’ biggest cost and most precious asset is their staff and the ingredients are here at EQ for this to be the best place in Manchester to work.

There are some areas where the estate can be made even better and that has been our vision since we arrived in September. These improvements require investment and we are continuing to invest despite the difficulties everyone is facing in the current climate.

What up and coming plans/initiatives for the EQ office campus are you most excited about?

When people return to their offices we will have refurbished the reception in Building 8, creating a more modern and user friendly space. We will have also installed twenty electric car charging pods in Multi Storey Car Park 1.  These are real changes with contractors on site now. We have a range of equally significant initiatives but prefer to let people know about them when we have definitive dates when they will be delivered.

Why did you relocate Till AM to EQ?

There are a whole host of reasons but having been here for six months, this is the best place I have ever worked.

What makes EQ stand out from other office Campuses?

There are two main things, accessibility and amenity.

I have worked in many places which have had good road access and parking, others with good public transport and others with cycling and walking facilities and routes. EQ has all three – remarkable!

The amenities are excellent and we are planning to build further on these. Restaurants, a shop, a Post Office, ATM, Nursery, Bike Hub, Gym and our events like pilates, yoga event and the Christmas reindeer make the offices into a place. Add onto these the views, the quality of the buildings and the management team who work here, the fact that it is so safe all combine to make this a great campus.


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Every day is different.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester?

People have a can do attitude (and EQ)

What’s the best thing about EQ?

The whole package. We have just done a series; our 30 favourite things about EQ. There aren’t many places you can have 30 favourite things about.