Exchange Quay Occupier Spotlight Series – Chase de Vere

Interview with Mark Warner, Facilities Manager at Chase de Vere

  • Tell us about your business

Chase de Vere is a national firm of Independent Financial Advisers. We were established in 1969 and provide financial advice for individuals and companies, ensuring that their finances are in the best possible shape and helping them to feel more confident about the future.

  • How many staff work at Exchange Quay and what do they enjoy about being based at the campus?

We have about 600 employees in the UK of which 170 are based at Exchange Quay.

Exchange Quay is an ideal working environment for our employees. It is a professional environment which provides a great impression for clients who come to our offices, has a wide range of onsite facilities including restaurants and a coffee shop, and we get fabulous views from our offices.

  • Why does the location work for you?

It is really easy and convenient for our employees, and for our clients, to travel to the office, whether they are using public transport or driving. This shouldn’t be underestimated, as it improves the work-life balance of our employees and provides a better overall experience for our clients.

  • What do you attribute your company success to?

The main factors in our success are the calibre and dedication of our employees and the OneTeam philosophy that we adopt, meaning that everybody works together in the best interests of our clients. Our focus on putting clients first is reflected in our Net Promoter Score and our Trustpilot ratings.

  • What are your plans for the year ahead?

We have exciting plans for the coming year, including making further improvements to the service we provide for our clients, providing additional support for our employees to develop their careers, and to grow our business organically and through acquisitions.

  • What are you most proud of with the business?

We are most proud of the positive difference that our Independent Financial Advice can make to the lifestyles and future plans of our clients, and of the support that we provide for our employees to help them to develop their careers and to have a good work-life balance.

  • What is your favourite thing about working in Manchester?

Manchester is a fabulous city to work in because everything you need is easily accessible. This includes transport links for employees and clients, but also for out-of-work activities to develop team bonding. Our employees like to socialise outside of office hours, and we also organise team events like an annual summer boat trip.

Written by:
Tom Ingham