Place Activation at Exchange Quay



DS.Emotion have been working on behalf on Ekistics and Hunter Real Estate, engaging with the residents at Exchange Quay to develop the Place Activation and community experience. The proposition is made up of three strands, those being Active Body, Active Mind and Active Social. These three elements give the perfect blend of a work, life balance when considered as a whole.

We are working to develop and deliver a number of seasonal and ongoing events within the working environments, that will help to encourage a happy community at work, and in turn create a happy, healthy and more productive workforce.

Workplace wellbeing has climbed to the top of the agenda for 2018, so its crucial that that we understand how to help build these communities. This in turn will be a key feature of Exchange Quay that demonstrates the commitment of the Ekistics to consider the significance of healthy working environments.

We will keep you posted on what is yet to come…

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